Przemiennik Abell R-80, Digital-DMR , IP ,Duplexer

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Uwaga . Wersja prezentowana, w podanej cenie  zawiera duplexer i kartę sieciową .

1.      Tier-2 DMR Standard of ETSITS102-361.

2.      TIA/EIA-603C and MIL-STD-810Standard.

3.      Maximal power 25W/50W,increases the communication distance and reliability.

4.      Unaffected sensitivity even undertransmitting mode with full power.

5.      Modular design and optimized RFperformance, easy maintenance.

6.      Many technology patentsapplied.

7.      Fast transmitting for analogsignaling and sub-tone signaling, support CDCSS grouping at same frequency,make multiple CDCSS could be transmitted at the same frequency.

8.      Base station mode anddispatcher mode available.

9.      Communication between radiosand cable telephone (PABX/PSTN) and mobile phones.


Extended Functions

1.      Auto-configuration,Self-diagnostic, Remote monitor and Network management (Monitor system softwareneed).

2.      Communication between radiosand cable telephone and mobile phones.

3.      Via Ethernet network, connectwith GPRS/ CDMA/ 3G/ 4G/ LTE/ WIFI wirelessly (Extend to support the wirelessIP network), support IP soft switch and multiple sites networking.